As part of our screenplay and TV script coverage analysis services, you’ll receive extensive notes covering the story, premise, plot, character development, dialogue, structure, and format. The analysis will cover what is good about the above story elements as well as what areas need more work. Where appropriate, suggestions will be made on ways to improve the areas that need more work, with examples given where applicable.


While are prepared to customize our screenplay rewrite services to the writer’s individual needs, the first step in the process is a screenplay rewrite analysis.

Our screenplay rewrite service is a comprehensive look at all aspects of the submitted script. This allows us to estimate how much time and effort would be involved should you choose to have one of’s writers do the actual rewrite.

Included in the Screenplay Rewrite Analysis Package:

  1. A full analysis of the submitted screenplay, reviewing premise, plot, sub-plots, act/story structure, genre factors, character development, and dialogue.
  2. If warranted, a detailed rewrite proposal. This of course assumes that the story lends itself well enough to screenplay form that it can be successfully rewritten. If it does not, we’ll explain what the problem is.

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