Marty Nemko, Ph.D., author and columnist, San Francisco Chronicle

"She is a writer's dream: intelligent, straight shooting feedback dispensed in a timely manner at a truly fair price."

Mike Weimer, Screenplay Coverage Client, Inver Grove Heights, MN

"I found Lynne's name on the Screenwriters Guild web page of endorsed readers. I submitted my first attempt writing a screenplay to Lynne in late 2003 for analysis, a prequel to a Sci-fi classic. Lynne's much appreciated frank analysis of my first attempt provided the impetus I needed to succeed. Writers, even novice ones, live and die by the stroke of a pen. Following an arduous ten month re-write based on the results of Lynne's analysis, I was offered a contract for representation from an agency for my first screenplay last week. For once, I'm at a loss for words to thank Lynne for her help and encouragement. It will be something I will cherish forever."

M.P. Screenplay Coverage Client , Westlake Village, CA.

"Lynne Pembroke was worth every dime.  Her comments were direct, insightful and most importantly, useful.  My latest script just took second place in the 2002 Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition.  That wouldn't have happened without Lynne."

Mike Mulcahy, Screenplay Coverage Client, Semi-Finalist WriteSafe.com.

"Lynne's feedback isn't just about pointing out flaws. It's about showing you how you can improve as a writer. My advice is to think of her services as an investment in yourself...I give all the credit to her for helping me turn the corner as a writer."

L. J., Director. Venice Arts Screenwriting Competition.

"I would absolutely rate her analytical ability and judgment as 5 out of 5."

V. E. C., Screenplay Coverage Client, Phoenixville, PA.

"Lynne makes getting admonitions a pleasure. Her coverage is not a vague series of reproachful comments, but a detail oriented list of points where your script rubber doesn't meet the road. Her comments are detail oriented and salient, but they are general enough to let you be creative and improve as a writer. When readers see my draft after her coverage, they all agree that the draft has improved. Though others have offered good advice, I have had consistent results with Lynne's assistance."

B. F., Screenplay Coverage Client, Santa Cruz, CA.

"First of all, your feedback made all the difference to our screenplay. We went through and completely revised it and sent it along to an agent in NYC who had read the earlier version. He said...Somewhere between that first version and this one you learned how to write a screenplay...I gave credit where credit was due. He's now representing it, with great enthusiasm, thanks to you."

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