Screenplay Polish & Rewrite Service


While my staff and I are prepared to customize our screenplay rewrite services to the writer’s individual needs, the first step in the process is a screenplay rewrite analysis. Our screenplay rewrite service is a comprehensive look at all aspects of the submitted script. This allows us to estimate how much time and effort would be involved should you choose to have one of’s writers do the actual rewrite.

Included in the Screenplay Rewrite Analysis Package:

1. A preliminary similar property search. Is a similar property currently in development or production?

2. A full analysis of the submitted screenplay, reviewing premise, plot, sub-plots, act/story structure, genre factors, character development and dialog.

3. If warranted, a detailed rewrite proposal. This of course assumes that the story lends itself well enough to screenplay form that it can be successfully rewritten. If it does not we’ll explain what the problem is.


Screenplay Rewrite Analysis Package (submission up to 120 pages) —- $185.00
(Add $2.00 per page over 120 pages)

The fees quoted above are for the STANDARD turnaround time of 7-10 working days.

For EXPEDITED Service, 4-6 working days, add $30.00

For RUSH service, 48 hours, add $60.00.

Screenplay Professional Edit-Polish – $400.00 on up.

Rates are quoted on an individual basis as part of the Screenplay Rewrite Analysis Package.

Custom Services – If you require a rewrite service not listed here please email me with your specific needs.

To order service please click here: Submittal

If you have any questions about our screenplay rewrite service or other services, feel free to send me an email by clicking HERE .


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