From the vast amounts of screenplay analysis, TV script and treatment analyses, ghostwriting, rewrite and adaptation inquiries we’ve received, we have extracted the most frequently asked questions. It is our sincere hope that the answers to these questions will be of help to you.


1) Question: Does Coverscript.com help the writer sell his/her screenplay?

Answer: Coverscript.com is neither a literary agency nor a marketing company, so we do not help writers sell their material. We do have working relationships with a few producers and industry professionals. If the screenplay is of exceptional quality and is the type of story and genre they are looking for, we ask the writer’s permission to send the screenplay to them. We charge no fee for this service.

2) Question: Does Coverscript.com help the writer find an agent?

Answer: No. For a list of agents who accept material from new writers go to www.wga.org

3) Question: What if I want to write a screenplay adapting it from an already published book, short story or novella?

Answer: If the already published material is in the public domain it is permissible to use the material for a screenplay. If the already published materials are not in the public domain, then it would first be necessary for you to purchase the rights from the author and/or publisher before a screenplay could be written and marketed.

4) Question: What if I want to write a sequel to a movie that has already been produced?

Answer: Since the basic premise and characters are the property of the studio/production company that made the film, you would first have to get the rights to the property before being able to market your sequel.

5) Question: Does Coverscript.com answer questions about how to write screenplays, proper formatting, how to sell a screenplay, how to find an agent, etc?

Answer: As part of Coverscript.com’s Screenplay Analysis service, we provide a detailed critique of premise, story, formatting, screenplay structure, dialogue, plot, setting, production value and character development – Screenplay Coverage and Analysis . However, we do not offer screenwriting courses or seminars, nor do we get into how to market your screenplay or how to find an agent. If you are just getting started on your screenwriting career, we suggest purchasing one of the many “How to write a screenplay” books on the market. Many of these books also have chapters on how to find agents, as well as how and where to market your completed screenplay, TV script or treatment.

6) Question: How can I get my screenplay into the marketplace without having an agent?

Answer: There are websites that assist writers in getting their works reviewed by potential buyers – www.inktip.com and www.zoetrope.com are two such sites. Another option is to enter screenplay competitions, visit www.moviebytes.com for details, that offer, as part of the winning prize, introduction to agents or producers.

7) Question: What screenplay or TV script contests are the best to enter?

Answer: Coverscript.com does not recommend any one contest. For a list of contests, their entry fees and guidelines, as well as comments and ratings from individual writers who have already entered them in previous years, go to www.moviebytes.com

8) Question: If I have a story idea that I think would make a good film but am not a screenwriter and don’t wish to write the screenplay myself, can I send it to you?

Answer: Yes. Coverscript.com provides a “Premise Evaluation service for those who have an idea for a screenplay. The fee we charge for this service is listed on our ghostwriting page The purpose of the Premise Evaluation is to determine whether or not your idea has potential. If, and only if, we determine that it may have a chance in the marketplace, we would then ask if you would like us to send a proposal outlining the costs you would incur for the different development phases and the time frame needed for us to write the screenplay for you. Please note that investing in a screenplay is always a high-risk venture. There is never any guarantee of a sale.

9) Question: Can I phone you if I have questions about the services Coverscript.com offers?

Answer: If after reviewing our website pages which detail all the services we offer, as well as the FAQ page and you don’t find an answer to your question, we ask that you send us an email with any questions you may still have. We find email is a much more efficient means of communication, and your questions will be answered much faster than if you phone us.

10) Question: Do you analyze “shorts”, partial or unfinished screenplays or TV scripts?

Answer: We do not analyze “shorts”. We analyze only completed full length feature screenplays or TV scripts.

11) Question: I am not of legal age. Can I still send you my screenplay for analysis?

Answer: If you are not of legal age, we would first need a signed document by a guardian who is of legal age, or a parent, giving permission for us to collect the fee and to provide the analysis or any other service we offer.

12) Question: Do you edit screenplays?

Answer: We may be able to help you. Send us an email and let us know exactly what is needed.

13) Question: Do you offer a screenplay formatting service?

Answer: This service would fall under the Screenplay Polish and Rewrite Services heading.

14) Question: I would like to become a reader/analyst. How do I go about doing that?

Answer: The book entitled: “Reading For A Living” by T. L. Katahn will answer your questions on how to become a reader/analyst.

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